2019 is Avon Lake's Bicentennial! We are always looking to add to our collection hidden treasures that shine a light on our history. If you have something in digital form that fits the criteria, you can submit it with this form.

Submission Rules

In order to be added to our collection, your contribution should reflect something of historical interest about Avon Lake or persons from Avon Lake. For example, a letter written to or by a resident, a photo showing an Avon Lake location or structure, a film or video shot here showing the same.

Criteria for inclusion include uniqueness (do we already have it?), quality/condition of item or scan/ reproduction thereof, and supporting documentation. It is also important that you either created or own the rights to the item and can assign those to us, and that it is not the copyrighted work of another.

Textual documents can be PDFs. Image scans should be high definition (at least 300 dpi, 600 preferred). For photos, TIFF files are higher quality than JPGS. They should not be photos of photos (2nd generation) or scanned from newspapers or books.

If we have questions or concerns about your submission we will contact you. If you would like help scanning, or have any additional questions, please contact us via info@alpl.org.